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15 August 2010 @ 12:00 am
A super adorable Spencer Pratt was spotted scouting locations in Malibu for his upcoming film Tower 69: Beach Patrol Featuring 3D Boobs ! Sounds like an award-winner to us!

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19 July 2010 @ 02:00 am

Spencer Pratt always has some strange new ploy for attention up his sleeve – but not his split from wife Heidi Montag.

That, he says, despite the fact that nobody has seen divorce papers and family and Hills castmates are skeptical, is the real deal.

"We love each other but I'm a famewhore and I'll never grow out of it." Pratt tells PEOPLE. "[Heidi] knows that and doesn't want that."

"I want every kind of press," he says. "She believes in bad press. There's no way my love for fame and her love for puppies will ever work out successfully. She just wants to hike and hang out and be calmer."

As for their infamous "Speidi," moniker, Pratt says his estranged wife "doesn’t want to be Speidi anymore. She wants to be Heidi Montag: the sex symbol."

"She thought I'd burn out of this, but no, I'm still the same Spencer who went on The Hills to be famous," he says. "I still need to do stunts and take cues from Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise.

Pratt, who mentions he and his ex are "friendly," says Speidi trouble is nothing new. "It's been a constant battle since we got married," he says. "She would be like, 'Are you really Tweeting that? Are you really doing that?'"

So what's next for the limelight-loving reality personality?

When fighting cyber crime fell through, Pratt says he decided to grow a beard and turn to art. "I'm switching it up," he says. "I've already gone for the blonde, spiky-haired look. Now I'm going for the Hollywood producer look."

Continues Pratt: "I'm an artist now. I have an easel and everything. I'm going for an art show and a gallery."
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22 June 2010 @ 12:33 am
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This weekend was Fathers Day and whilst most celebrities were spending the day with their nearest and dearest, The Hills 'star' Spencer Pratt was being his usual awesome self on Twitter.

On Sunday he tweeted: "This is the day my earth dad wishes he had worn a condom. No joke."
It is public knowledge that Spencer is estranged from his family (due to their jealously of their son's success), including sister Stephanie which, according to Us Weekly happened because "he felt his parents would talk to him only about Stephanie and that they charged him with taking care of her. He thinks she's a loser and doesn't want anything to do with her."

You go Spence! Wash those idiots right outta your hair!
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17 June 2010 @ 09:32 pm
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King Spencer has took to his twitter to inform his fans that he's starting a new blog! The king tweeted "send me all your celeb photos you take with your camera phones and i will post them on my new blog KINGSPENCER.com and give you credit and $" Indeed http://www.kingspencer.com/ seems to be up but it appears there's a slight delay on the opening date. Maybe Spence is just being fashionably late, either way we are very excited!!!!!

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